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Better Products in a Better Way

Whether you are a first time mother who's new to navigating the pregnancy landscape or a seasoned parent who can do this blindfolded, we've got a product to suit your specific needs.

We'll give you as much or as little help as you require and as you evolve so do we. We want to make your pregnancy as joyful and easy as possible so you can chat to us, change your subscription and spend your time doing more of what you love!

Friends in the Lake
How It Works: Welcome


Sit back, relax and don't lift more than a finger.

1. Book an appointment online at a time that is convenient for you and.

2. Have your first video consultation with one of our Fairy Godmothers, your very own customer service representative who will be with you throughout your entire pregnancy journey. They'll get to know you, your style and all the little details, you might even gain a new best friend.

3. Login to your new account and place your first order sit back, relax and wait for your first delivery! 

4. Once your items have arrived, wear them, wash them, wear them again and when you are done with them simply let us know and pop them in the post.

5. A few days before you return your clothes, you'll have a catch-up call with your Fairy Godmother. She'll update your changing measurements to guarantee your clothes will fit like a glove and you can give as much feedback as you like so that your next order is so dreamy, you won't want to part with it.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 throughout your pregnancy and postpartum period et voila!

Wrapped Gift
How It Works: Our Story
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